Streamline your
SOAP notes with AI

will listen

and craft your clinical notes

Streamline your SOAP
notes with AI

will listen

and craft your clinical notes

HIPAA Compliant

No credit card required

No installation needed

Imagine having

an additional

two free hours in your day

HIPAA Compliant

Secure and confidential transcription of sensitive healthcare information, enhancing documentation efficiency for clinicians.

Secured communication

all data, both at rest and in transit, is encrypted using strong encryption algorithms.

Secured communication

anonymizing clinical notes, ensuring the removal of personally identifiable information and upholding strict privacy standards.

How it works

Capture Your Notes

Utilize our Medical Scribe AI service for a swift and effortless transcription of your notes. Simply record your notes with the power of your voice.

Effortless Transcription

Experience precise transcriptions with our advanced algorithms, guaranteeing accuracy on every occasion.

Streamline Review and Editing

Our Medical Scribe AI service enables you to prioritize patient care instead of dedicating excessive time to paperwork.


Why you need it

Efficiency and Precision

Lytte Medical Scribe AI empowers clinicians to efficiently capture SOAP notes through spoken language, reducing typing time and ensuring meticulous documentation.

Improved Clinician - Patient Interaction

By minimizing keyboard use, clinician can maintain better eye contact, engage patients more effectively, and build stronger rapport during examinations and consultations.

Accessibility and Convenience

Lytte Medical Scribe AI technology offers clinicians a convenient way to document SOAP notes, even in hectic clinics or emergencies, ensuring timely, digital access to crucial patient data for seamless care coordination



$0 / month

15 sessions a month

Solo Pro

$99 / month

Unlimited session


Custom plan

for hospitals or groups


No integration is required for your EHR system; simply copy and paste from our medical ai scribe platform. 

Yes, we prioritize data security and comply with patient data privacy regulations like HIPAA. 

A wide range of medical professionals can benefit from Lytte including physicians, nurses, therapists, and specialists. Any healthcare provider who needs to maintain detailed patient records can find value in Lytte ai medical scribe. 

Yes, you can use Lytte from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a device equipped with a microphone or Bluetooth capability.

Yes, you absolutely can! While we’d be disappointed to see you go, you have the flexibility to cancel your service whenever you choose.

No, we do not store any credit card information. We’ve integrated the PayPal payment gateway to guarantee the security and encryption of all payments processed through their platform.

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